The importance of good customer care

At 4M Ceramics we've always been dedicated to maintaining excellent relationships with our customers. We understand that good communication is what leads to the realization of quality interior design projects and work hard to ensure customer satisfaction at every stage of the design process. Clients are served attentively and informed and updated regularly on important industry news. All our projects are tailored to customer requirements and every piece of furniture we manufacture is created according to the customer's exact wishes and needs as decided during the design process. Customer care is of the utmost importance to us.

Our services

Customer care isn't just a duty for us, but a pleasure. That's why we offer a range of services that will make your experience working with 4M easy, personal and enjoyable!

Some of these services include:
  • A team of experts such as skilled designers who offer 360 degree guidance in our range of products and attention to detail in the technical and aesthetic options available to perfectly suit your project.
  • Pre-sale support that includes the option of a site inspection with subsequent drafting of custom quotations and drawings.
  • Personalized payment options with the possibility of tailored financing.
  • Home delivery of all goods purchased in our showroom.
  • Domestic and international shipments guaranteed by twenty years of experience in the field
  • After-sales service and spare parts covered by our product guarantee.
  • Inspection, sale and installation of parquet work for "turnkey" projects.

Looking for inspiration for your bathroom? Let 4M Ceramics offer their expert advice. Visit our showroom in the Agnellaro district of Aragona.

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